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Permanent Staffing

With an upsurge in talent scarcity finding a right candidate still proves a distant dream for some organisation. TMD recruitment department partners with organisations to deliver creme-de-la creme talent across the industries. We also help you to identify the best candidate for all career positions, be it niche or volume hires. Our approach lies in hiring quality candidates who can meet job requirements and complement your company ethos.

Executive Search

All in all, TMD believes its success lies in producing visionary leaders to help organisations map the way forward. Similarly, we take pride in saying that our backend team gets access to leaders who possess a fine balance of vertical expertise and breadth of experience. The executive search takes forever to find a suitable candidate but we represent professional candidates; ensuring the entire process is confidential, time-bound and cost-effective. We draw on our high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research to match a perfect product-market fit strategy.

During our extensive research, our primary focus is exclusivity and retaining of hired leaders. Therefore, each client we serve, we seek to understand their strategic goals, competencies of potential mandates to fulfil goals and the culture that the mandate is required to embody.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment has become a herculean task where no organisation can run away from. The demand for ever-changing recruitment processes and supply of talent fitting into the business need poses an extra workload for any organisation. The task of finding the right candidate at a right time befalls your shoulders because it can have a direct impact on your business. Therefore, with our experienced team and integrated tools for the recruitment process outsourcing this challenge could be a cakewalk for you. We ensure while sieving from the pool of recruiters you get the best candidate in your team. Our experience and exposure to business are unparalleled. We work closely with clients at every step of recruitment to understand their nuances of hiring procedures thereby increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Startup Talent Advisory

Hiring is not difficult but hiring high-quality and high-performance key indicators are make or break factors in any company. We here at TMD aid startups to build and implement scalable plans and infrastructure to ensure they’re positioned to hire the right talent. TMD works closely with startup founders on talent acquisition but, why TMD for talent acquisition? To stay on the cutting edge of talent acquisition we constantly tap key trends in the global market and innovate our service and approach and we believe there is one thing that technology has helped us a lot; a seamless network. Our professional team has been cultivating a finely tuned network of professionals who have the potential to become a next shining star in the corporate world. Having said that, an insight of market understanding and in-depth industrial research across the globe is what we vouch for, and that few other firms can deliver.

Payroll Services

TMD has an expert team of professional and robust HR and payroll infrastructure that won't get in the way of other business priorities. It is one of the bespoke payroll systems for companies yearning for growth. We bring to you a comprehensive payroll engine which is integrated with an Employee Self Service window (ESS) that drives employee interaction and Client Self Service window (CSS) that shares payroll-related MIS to clients with a secured web network. With TMD, you get a benefits package of modern technology merging with our dedicated team so you are rest assured when it comes to outsourcing payroll.

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