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Recruitment Process

  • Once the client notifies the job vacancy, we get in touch with the Recruitment Officer in charge or Manager.
  • We will seek the job profile that consists of accountabilities, reporting hierarchies and financial and non-financial implications.
  • Where necessary, we contact the client to understand the job profile in depth. We also pay more attention to getting to know the organizational culture and expectations from candidates.
  • Once we have all the necessary information, we assign a recruiter who will be the focal point for this assignment.
  • The Recruiter will start sourcing candidates from the database.
  • The Recruiter screens the candidates to assess the following:
    • The experience and skill sets mentioned in the CV.
    • The personality using behavioral attributes
    • Strengths and shortcomings
    • Short term interest or long term & availability
    • Fit with respect to salary range.
  • Depending on the seniority of the position, the screening is escalated to senior members of our organization.
  • Based on the above, a comprehensive list of candidates who fit to the job requirements is sent to the client.
  • The Recruiter, then coordinates with the client representative to arrange for necessary interviews and the mode.
  • The candidates are also briefed with respect to the Company profile, culture and the expectations.
  • The Recruiter follows up with the client rep for interview feedback and communicates to the candidates the outcome of the interview.
  • The Recruiter, then helps the client with Reference checks without conflicting candidates’ current assignment.
  • The Recruiter coordinates and communicates the job offer.  He also acts as a via conduit in negotiating the offer with the candidate and the company.
  • The Recruiter constantly updates the client with the joining status of the candidate till the candidate joins the company.
  • Where necessary, the Recruiter coordinates with the client till the candidate settles in the company.