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We actively engage with our clients to understand the job requirement in depth and other cultural background that are essential in selecting the right candidate. Based on the understanding coupled with the rich experience of our Recruitment professionals, we create a short list of candidates that matches with the job requirements and move on to the next level.


In the next level, the Recruiters validate the credentials mentioned in the CV as well as the ones that were not mentioned. Our Recruiters also do an initial screening and assess the personality of the candidate. Candidate’s interest and preferences together with their expectation both financial and non-financial are collected during this level.


A final short list of candidates filtered through the above level is created and then submitted to the client. We pass on the observations we made in the above level, to the client to facilitate their final selection. We actively coordinate with the client for necessary interviews and selection. We communicate and negotiate with the candidates the job offer with due to respect to their values and expectations.


We then coordinate with the candidate actively till he joins the client. We also provide professional advice, where required, to the candidates for a smooth transition.


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