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How HRs Can Play Better Strategic Roles?

strategic roleHR department is the one who takes care of all the internal works related to the employees in an organization. If they make a small error it will reflect everywhere including email addresses, internal portal page etc.  As every organization mainly focuses on business growth and strategy, HRs should in the long run take a back seat. Companies ought to realize that it is the HR leader who assigns the best people  to the right place. Lindsey Nelson on business2community provided some tips on how to strengthen the strategic role of an HR. According to Lindsey, rather than depending on sales and leadership, first take a look at the HR department.


To begin with, check that as an HR leader you should have skills such as- strategic and analytical thinking, proper communication, knowledge of business, persuasive and result orientation. Make sure that you also have the adequate knowledge about strategic role. To strengthen the role here are some tips given below-

1. Every organization has got people strategy which matches with the business strategy. Help your entity in hiring candidates who can personify the innovative and agility of a business.
 2. Try to make use of technologies in every possible way. There are available talent management tools in the market, invest in them and you will find how much recruiting technology has advanced into. You can use it to analyze the ample amount of employee data available. Create a plan and decide how you can exploit their strengths and fix the flaws.

3. Focus on developing existing employees. There might be huge number of weaknesses but giving more weightage on HR activities can help them improve. Try to accomplish atleast some of the skills into each of the employees. Ensure that your employees have at least some of the top competencies expected by the company.


The HR department can be also a part of a business group provided they are given the technological support and a proper HR strategy. It will surely help the HR department from taking a back seat.

                                                                                                                                                    Courtesy: Silicon India