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The power of social media in employment

social20mediaSocial media is making leaps and bounds not just in the technological space, but also the workplace. This medium is transforming the way people find and engage in work, according to workforce solutions leader Kelly Services.

Employees are now widely using social media to network and identify job opportunities, based on results from the Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI), an annual survey conducted by Kelly.

According to the survey results, about 58% of respondents in Singapore say they were contacted through social media about an employment opportunity in the past year, while 22% of them said they secured a job through social media in the same period.

Interestingly, this phenomenon is not only confined to younger ‘tech-savvy’ generations. While statistics show 24% of Gen Y secured a job in the past year through social media, 20% of Gen X and 15% of baby boomers managed to as well, a sign that this medium is fast gaining traction as a way to find and engage in work.

Results of the survey in Singapore also show that 70% in Singapore are interested in receiving job referrals from friends or contacts within their social network and 57% of Singaporeans indicate that networking/social media sites are a good method for providing others with job referrals or opportunities.

Within the Asia Pacific region, 56% of respondents say that they are now more inclined to search for jobs on social media than through traditional methods, including newspaper advertisements, online job boards or recruitment companies, up from 47% in the previous annual survey.

Indonesia and Thailand stand out as something of social media hotspots, with 38% of respondents securing a job through social media, followed by China (35%), Malaysia (28%), India (25%), Singapore (22%), Hong Kong (19%), New Zealand (17%), and Australia (14%).


The survey canvassed the views of about 25000 people across the Asia Pacific region.

                                                                                                                                                       Courtesy: HRM Asia