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Job Seekers

As career enhancers, we aim to enrich your career prospects by giving you the right opportunities to shape up your career ambitions and professional goals.

We appreciate your basic right to know about the job opportunity. Hence, we take enough care in appraising you about the roles and responsibilities of a job, reporting hierarchies etc. During the interview process, we also get to know your aspirations and ambitions together with your career and financial expectations. In return, we also give you a good insight about the client's profile, the organization's culture and expectations.

As an ethical practice, we always believe in informed decisions. Thus, we empower you with the maximum information possible so that you make the right decisions on right career moves. We assure generous transparency and we encourage you to ask enough questions not only to us but also during the client interview as well to get as much information as possible.

During the offer negotiations, we strive to maintain the alignment / equilibrium between the offer and the professional expertise, and shall not compromise on any negotiation that will undermine your professional competence. While we attempt to give you a a feel of the market, if in case, under any circumstances, we do not find an alignment on the offer front, we do not unduly pressurize or persuade you to accept it. We value your decision professionally and will notify you about the next matching opportunity.